From Athens to the Isles: Greece’s Top New and Noteworthy Hotels |

From Athens to the Isles: Greece’s Top New and Noteworthy Hotels

For centuries, Greece has seduced adventurers with its mythical charms and epic vistas. But move over, Homer—a modern odyssey is unfolding as expat visionaries and luxury hoteliers contribute their verse to this ancient hit, breathing new life into the Mediterranean’s most storied luxury destination.

On the marquee islands of Santorini and Mykonos, classic jet-set haunts now share the spotlight with smaller hidden gems unveiling ultra-luxe sanctuaries. One could call it a renaissance, as once-sleepy isles like Folegandros, Patmos and rustic Andros seduce discerning wanderers with chic escapes immersing them in the unadulterated essence of Aegean beauty—hold the crowds, please.

But the revival’s most compelling act takes place in Athens, that ancient hero rewarded with a dazzling modern metamorphosis. No longer just an artifact-filled temple town, the historic bones have been infused with avant-garde artistic energy pulsing through every neo-neighborhood. It’s expatriate savants who’ve catalyzed this rebirth, ushering bold movements across cuisine, art and design—including inspired Athenian hotels epitomizing the great metropolis’ eternal reinvention. The numbers speak volumes, with early bookings surging up to 10 percent beyond last year’s records, suggesting 2024 may steal the show.

Greece’s fabled landscapes have welcomed a brilliant new constellation of polished escapes over the past two years, from adventurous mountain retreats to soulful beachfront hideaways. These new properties exemplify elevated authentic Greek hospitality, alongside particularly iconic Grecian hotel mainstays that remain exceptional standouts.

Together, this vanguard is ushering in a new golden age of Greek luxury across legendary realms where the ancient muses still whisper.

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