The Best Hotel Bars in Tokyo |

The Best Hotel Bars in Tokyo

Tokyo makes it easy for your dream itinerary to come true. Enjoy a peaceful morning in a verdant park, then embark on a vintage shopping spree in the impossibly hip Shimokitazawa. Dine on a bucket list-worthy meal in the world’s most Michelin-starred city, then treat yourself to a dessert from an omnipresent konbini (convenience store). Party the night away in neon-drenched Shinjuku and pray that your hangover goes away at a historic temple the following morning. Whether you prefer soaking in Tokyo skyline views or a steamy onsen bath, Japan’s capital offers infinite ways to guarantee satisfaction for every type of traveler. 

If you’re an opulence-seeking jet-setter, a serious cocktail connoisseur, or both, you’ll find your happy place at the hotel bar. Of course, the world’s most populous city is home to a sea of world-class hotels, and while you won’t need a room key to visit their on-site bars, you’ll likely need a reservation. Care to experience strong pours and the height of omotenashi (the art of Japanese hospitality) from the 39th floor of an Art Deco-bedecked haunt? How does sipping elegant cocktails in a sleek drinking den alongside the occasional celebrity sound to you? Want more options? Don’t get swept up Googling drinking destinations, because we’ve rounded up Tokyo’s standout hotel bars below. Kanpai

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